Ida Bach Jensen

The film 'Komponist'/'Composer' can be ordered online here

Performance artist, musician and composer based in Copenhagen.

Ida Bach Jensen is active as both a composer and musician performing her electro-acoustic works on double bass using electronics and other effects like her own voice and small african instruments in a melodic and structural way.

Her work has been performed at the Chambertronica Festival (Swedish National Radio), Fokus Video Festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK), Danish National Radio, National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Music Theatre, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), The Danish Filmhouse etc.

Ida Bach Jensen also collaborates with other artists such as Martin Hall, Agnethe Christensen, Josefine Cronholm, Andrea Pellegrini , Ensemble Music for the Mysteries and VJ CHIAKI - touring in Europe with concerts at The National Museum in Wales, The Faroe Islands Art Museum, The Swedish Museum of Architecture, The Podlasie Opera in Poland etc.

Ida Bach Jensen has delivered music to film, dance, theatre, exhibitions and festivals. Published the CD: A Gunnar Ekelöf Soundtrack in 2009 with music inspired by the poetry of Gunnar Ekelöf.

Studied double bass with Francois Rabbath in Paris 1995-2000.


KOMPONIST trailer from ida bach jensen on Vimeo.

Live visuals at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen DK 2011 from CHIAKI on Vimeo.

Cronholm - Bach Jensen from ida bach jensen on Vimeo.

NINI from ida bach jensen on Vimeo.

Ida Bach Jensen Double bass solo, CHIAKI: visuals from ida bach jensen on Vimeo.

Live visuals at koncertkirken CPH 2011 v.2 from CHIAKI on Vimeo.

Ida Bach Jensen/Agnethe Christensen Jesu du min fröjd

Kinoplex from Panoptikon on Vimeo.

lunaloop from CHIAKI on Vimeo.

aqualoop from CHIAKI on Vimeo.

Jesu du min frojd from CHIAKI on Vimeo.

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